30 Minute Yoga Playlist

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I don’t know about you, but I'm always scrolling through Spotify looking for 
songs to add to my yoga playlists! It's something I really enjoy doing
and also something I think I'll always be doing to keep those playlists fresh.  
 The hunt is all about finding songs that offer the perfect balance of rhythm,
pace and lyrics. For me, music really sets the tone for my practice. If I'm
feeling playful and energetic, it will be full of upbeat and toe tapping songs.
If I'm feeling scattered, in need of grounding and a slower flow, you will
find me listening to something more instrumental and relaxed. I wanted to
 share this smallist with a variety of songs to add to your own playlist!
Happy listening!
xox Kyla



Image source: Google images
All songs available on Spotify


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