5 Reasons You Should Try Your First Yoga Class

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We have all been there. We hear so much about how amazing yoga is and how there are so many benefits for your body, mind and soul.  But the thought of getting in a room full of people who know what they are doing can be intimidating. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Not everyone in the room is a professional yogi, we promise!



  • Reason # 1. Nobody cares how you look in a pose. And if they do, that's their problem.  Everyone’s pose will look different compared to the person next to them.  Our bodies do not all move and bend in the same way. Some of us will have very flexible hamstrings while some of us (ahem, moi) will have extremely tight hips!  My pigeon pose will be totally unlike yours.


  • Reason #2. It is low impact and beginner friendly.  When you come to yoga you are getting a workout at whatever level of intensity you choose!  Your teacher will be giving lots of modifications to keep it at your comfort level.


  • Reason #3. It is one hour out of your day where you get to concentrate on YOU only.  How many times a day, or even in a week, do you get to stop what you are doing to do something for you? Not very often I’m guessing. Did we mention Savasana, corpse pose, the point at the end of class dedicated to laying on your back and focusing on clearing your mind?


  • Reason #4. You will feel totally rejuvenated after class. All that back bending mixed with forward folding and twisting creates different energy changes within the body and will have you leaving class feeling like it’s a brand new day!


  • Reason #5. It is a great excuse to buy a new outfit! (Come on, we had to!) So you finally did it; you bit the bullet and bought a pass to try out this new yoga studio you have heard so much about.  For a little added incentive, why not buy a new pair of crops or sports bra to help get on your mat. Not sure where to start? Try out a neutral crop, like the Melody Capri from Tonic and a supportive sports bra like the Lane Keyhole Back bra from Cory Vines. Don't even have a mat? We've got those too.

See you in the studio! xox

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