Top 5 Holiday Gift Guide 2.0

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It's officially December which means your holiday shopping should be
in full swing! How are you doing? Stressed? Excited? Either way, we 
are just over 2 weeks away so time to finish off the shopping. We have
5 more suggestions below to help you decide!

An updated basic black legging

We just released a few new arrivals and the Go For It Legging from Tonic 
is a great alternative to the basic black legging. It features a black contrast
stripe, flattering all body types!
Cost: $89

Anything Tiny Devotions!

You really can't go wrong with the line from Tiny Devotions! They offer
a beautiful selection of mala bead necklaces and stacked bracelets.
You can choose whatever colour speaks to you or go through the
details of each style to see which one would be a match for the
person you are shopping for!
Cost: $130+

Hot Yoga Towel

Shopping for a hot yoga junkie? Then the Hot Yoga towel created
by the Jiva Shop is the perfect gift! It comes in a funky palm leaf
pattern and is the size of a standard yoga mat.
Cost: $59

Anything from the New Arrivals Collection!

If you have no idea where to begin, head over to the New Arrivals! Whatever
you find in there is sure to be on trend and seasonally appropriate.
Cost: $36+

A gift card!

We said in our first gift guide and we'll say it again. You really can't go
wrong with a gift card; you are giving the gift of choice! 
Cost: $25+
Live in Winnipeg? We will personally deliver your order to you, free of
charge and will make sure it gets there in time for the holidays!
Live outside of Winnipeg? We will do our best to get it to you

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

xoxo Kyla

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