• Journey Within Mala
  • Journey Within Mala

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Journey Within Mala

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The only journey is the one within. Awaken your spirit to find your soul's master plan.

Lose yourself within the things you love - this is where you'll find yourself, too. You have no need to travel anywhere. This Mala's intention is to remind you that when you journey within yourself, you enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendour of your own light. 

Purple Jasper is believed to deepen your meditation practice. It is said to balance emotions, nurture + protect, allowing for a relaxed state of mind.

Lavender Amethyst symbolizes spiritual growth, purity and self love. It is believed to soothe emotions and is known for its abilities to stimulate + still the mind.

Purple Matrix Jasper is believed to stimulate the Crown Chakra and help you come to peace with difficult situations. It is believed to balance yin/yang energies to bring healing, peace and ease. 

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love. It's soft feminine energy works on the Heart Chakra to dissolve emotional wounds, fear and resentments. It is said to circulate a loving energy throughout the aura. 

Sandalwood is a very calming spiritual wood that gives off a soothing scent. It is said to attract positive energy and clear perception.

In silence, you rediscover who you are.


Size & Fit:

  • Jasper, Amethyst, Sandalwood
  • Length | 36 inches
  • Stone Type | Smooth Circle
  • Colour | Purple

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