• Lotus Goddess Mala
  • Lotus Goddess Mala
  • Lotus Goddess Mala

Tiny Devotions

Lotus Goddess Mala

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She is a being of divine beauty and purity. Her soul is constantly expanding like the petals of a lotus. This Mala is for the girl who is a true Goddess. She rises above murky waters to bloom and achieve enlightenment. The Lotus is symbolic of wealth, creation and cosmic renewal.
The Pink Scale Agate Guru is a harmonizing stone. Said to stimulate the Third Eye, it can assist in channeling visions and clairvoyance. It is said to promote love and strengthen bonds in loving relationships. 
Hematite is a grounding, stabilizing stone. It is said to bring mental clarity, balance emotions by decreasing negativity, and increase intuition.
The Rainbow Swarovski Disco Ball is believed to inspire enlightenment. It allows one to see the full spectrum of life. It is believed to enhance harmony and vibrate positive energy.
Fuchsia Jade is known as the stone of potential, goals and success. It is said to encourage focus and increase concentration. It is believed to improve one’s bond with their set intentions and aid in filtering out unwanted distractions. Jade is the perfect stone for those looking to manifest their wildest dreams. 
Rudraksha Seeds are known for their protective and healing elements. They are believed to guide journeys and shield from negative energies. Rudraksha is known to increase abundance and prosperity.

Size & Fit:

  • Stone Type | Faceted Spear
  • Length | 36 Inches

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